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NEXT GENeration


The EA Soccer Academy Next Gen Program was designed by Founder and Director of Coaching Mike Alexander. It is a well thought out and very specific program that will transition a player from total beginner to a well balanced young player. Not everyone that comes through the program will be a premier soccer player but all players will enhance their gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and over soccer IQ. All players will learn how to be part of a team, how to learn from one-another, and how to respect a coach. We believe that every child that comes through our Program should not only learn great soccer skills but also life skills that they can take with them into the classroom, their friendships, and future team sports. We encourage you to find out more about our Programs below. 

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Fancy Feet Program


This beginner program is designed for children in Pre-School looking to work on hand-eye, gross motor skills, and teamwork in a fun and safe environment!

Kids Playing Soccer

Futures Program

This Advanced Beginner Program is designed for players ages 5-7 years old. Clinics focus on skills, 1v1, small sided games, and more advanced dribbling techniques. 

Pre-Travel Program

This program is designed for players ages 7-10 years old that have an interest in being on the EAFC Travel Team. Focus is on team play, field position, and game strategy.

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